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Retreat Dharma Talks at Tovana Insight Meditation

Mettā and Emptiness

A four-day retreat in English and Hebrew exploring emptiness, dependent origination, and metta bhavana.

2021-09-14 (5 days) Tovana Insight Meditation

2021-09-15 A Thing is Not a Thing 49:06
Nathan Glyde
Exploring different lenses of equanimity, insight, and metta to see deeply and release dukkha.
2021-09-16 Anicca and Mettā as a Way of Looking - Morning Instruction 60:40
Nathan Glyde
Seeing inconstancy in all things, and bringing kindness: as it arises, we welcome; as it is here, we allow; as it passes, we release.
2021-09-16 Mettā to Easeful, and Neutral Relationships: Guided Meditation 43:26
Nathan Glyde
2021-09-16 מטא וריקות 51:11
Zohar Lavie
2021-09-17 הנחיות מדיטציה; הרפיית כיווץ ושחרור דוקהה 61:46
Zohar Lavie
2021-09-17 מטא מונחית; כולל למערכת היחסים המאתגרת 44:25
Zohar Lavie
2021-09-17 Mettā is Inconceivably Empty 53:20
Nathan Glyde
Exploring how metta can be seen to be revealing emptiness while being thoroughly empty, and how it supports profound understanding, deep well-being, and ever expanding freedom.
2021-09-18 Mettā to Phenomena 45:06
Nathan Glyde
Expanding the sense of mettā practice to welcome all appearances of the world that we can sense, and beyond to the most subtle objects we can perceive.
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